MindTuner – Original Kit

The Ultimate wellness gift for you or someone you love.

Great gift idea for overworked executives, students, mum’s, yogi’s, meditators, kids, dad’s anyone wanting to live a healthier life with less stress and more happiness.
Write it on your shopping list for any event – baby shower, bridal shower, birthdays, Mother’s day, Father’s day… any day is a good day to give the gift of wellness.

Don’t miss another day of your life lost in negative thoughts, stressed and unhappy – Tune your Mind and Body to CALM Now!

  • Beautifully Designed in Australia. (Patent Pending)
  • Highest Quality – Both the Pendant and Chain are crafted from strong and durable 316L hypoallergenic stainless steel – made to last.
  • Perfect Length – Pendant measures 55mm (2.165 inch) Chain measures 60cm (24 inch)
  • Handcrafted Keepsake box made from sustainable mango wood by local artisans in Southern India
  • Reusable Eco Cotton Pouch
  • Clear Quartz Intention Crystal
  • Personal Mantra Card
  • Donation on your behalf to one tree planted
  • FREE Mindfulness kit – see below
  • Money Back Happiness Guarantee
  • Free Shipping when you spend over $100


Say Hello Happiness and goodbye Stress.

Achieve total Mind and Body Wellness with the help of your MindTuner and your FREE Mindfulness Programs, designed just for you.

“I believe there is a global shift towards self-care practices that will enable us to find peace and calmness so we can more present for ourselves and our loved ones.
I will never give up on my mission to empower everybody to live healthy, happier, and more fulfilled lives – one breath at a time”.

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All it all starts with YOU!

Wishing you Wellness

Your MindTuner comes beautifully packaged ready for Gifting.

All MindTuner’s come with a FREE beginners Mindfulness Kit

  • E-BOOK – A Beginners guide to Mindfulness where you’ll discover:
    • What Mindfulness is, what it’s not, and why it’s so good for You.
    • How to Meditate: access inner calm, joy, and peace.
    • The most common myths about Mindfulness.
    • How to mange ALL THE THOUGHTS in your hectic head.
    • Strategies to incorporate Mindfulness into your daily life.
    • The most common “mistakes” beginning meditators make and how to navigate them.

Included in your Kit is a Mini clear quartz crystal. Chosen for you not only because it’s beautiful, but it’s also known for its ability to absorb, store, and regulate the release of energy – exactly what you need to clear your mind and bring your body back to a sense of balance. It’s also a great tool for setting and maintaining the energy of your intentions. When you know your intention write it down on your personal Mantra Card and repeat it as you hold your Crystal.
Your crystal will be programmed with your intention and support you throughout your day. Pop it in your bag or pocket or place it somewhere you will see it to remind you of your intention. The more often you program the crystal with your Mantra the stronger it’s healing energy will be. Enjoy!!

Rest Assured, I’ve got you covered with our trusted 100% Happiness Guarantee and free shipping (when you spend over $100) within Australia and discounted International shipping.

All this value for only $49.95