Breath-work is fast becoming the number one way to calm your nervous system and activate your relaxation response.

MindTuner is a Natural Breathing and Mindfulness tool that helps you destress.  It’s powerful therapeutic benefits comes from its precise patented design that harnesses the power of your breath by slowing and extending your exhale.

“Based on the latest research, practicing longer exhalations for just two minutes appears to be an easy way to hack the vagus nerve and calm one’s nervous system”. Christopher Bergland 2019 Psychology Today.

You might not know it but the exhale is the most valuable part of your breathing cycle. Why? Because extending your exhale sends messages to your body to switch on your parasympathetic nervous system.  You know that feeling of calm that overcomes you during times of relaxation, the AHHH! Moments…

This is your body shifting into its rest/digest function, it’s relaxation response.  The space where your body repairs and heals; lowering your heart rate, and triggering the release of all your happy hormones… and it’s the same feeling you will experience when you use the MindTuner.

The circumference of the hole is set at an exact measurement that creates a perfect exhale with every breath.  A nice long exhale stimulates the vagus nerve which activates the parasympathetic nervous system (PNS), counterbalancing your "fight or flight" mode switching on your relaxation response. The only place you mind and body can heal, reversing the effects of stress and anxiety. However, many people have a difficult time achieving a prolonged exhale in times of stress. The MindTuner takes the guesswork out of it and creates the perfect exhale. It only takes a few breaths to feel a total transformation. 

MindTuner was developed by a Yoga/Breath Coach who knows exactly what you’re going through…

Living in these crazy hectic times can be super stressful.

It’s not easy taking care of our families, raising toddlers and teenagers, trying to balance work, life, and relationships.

Not to mention all the thoughts overwhelming our minds; self doubt, negative self talk, limiting beliefs, low self esteem, poor body image and mood changes.

In fact a Harvard study found we spend 47% of our day lost in thought with many of those thoughts being negative the researchers concluded the human mind is a wandering mind and a wandering mind is an unhappy mind.

And we haven’t even mentioned sleeplessness and the challenges of parenthood and aging.  Its no wonder we’re stressed anxious and overwhelmed.

Unfortunately all this anxiousness can create a persistent and underlying chronic stress condition which can lead to burnout, illness and disease…  

The Great news is…

Mindful breathing with the MindTuner you can quickly and easily switch off your sympathetic nervous system and reverse the effects of stress decreasing the amount of cortisol (stress hormone) released into your body.,

By taking a moments throughout your day to recalibrate; to pause, breath, smile and reset creates the space you need to find clarity in your mind and to soothe the feeling of panic in your body.

Mindful breathing with your MindTuner is a powerful transformational force, your SUPER POWER that enables you to destress, CALM down and more importantly, be Present for yourself and those you love.  It will literally change your life, just as it did mine.

Best of all because MindTuner is always with you, resting on your heart, it reminds you to take little Peace Pauses throughout the day where you can connect with your BREATH and be PRESENT empowering you to self soothe and live your best, most purposeful life every day.

Tune into joy and peace – all it takes is you and the MindTuner.

We do things a bit different at MindTuner…

When you buy a MindTuner you also become part of our Family.  Your not alone. We are here to support you along your Wellness journey.

When you invest in a MindTuner you not only receive a Powerful Breathing and Mindfulness tool, you also get my full support by the way of FREE value packed guides that help you to incorporate Mindful Breathing into your daily life.  I’ll also send you a weekly email filled with strategies, tips and tricks specially curated to empower you to live the life you deserve – Calm, Connected, Confident and best of all Happy!!

What are your waiting for tune into calm now!

Benefits of Mindful breathing with the MindTuner

Calms the nervous system and trains it to remain calm and not get triggered

Helps to boost and energize the immune system to fight off disease

Helps with digestive issues related to stress

Clears emotional blockages making it easier to let go of the past

Calms the body and mind to prepare for mindfulness and deep meditation

Helps to overcome insomnia

Helps to transform depression, stress and anxiety

Cultivates positive feelings of joy and well-being

“The secret to living a calm life is taking then time to pause and Mindfully breath to create space for refocusing and resetting our minds… we become grounded focused able to respond appropriately rather than just reacting”.

Enjoy the feeling of CALM as you balance your Mind and Body

You can tune for Mind and Body to CALM anywhere: at home, on the bus, in the car, at the doctors, in the park, before an exam or sports meet, in the office, feeding your baby, with your friends, on your yoga mat, or anytime you want to Pause, breathe, smile and reset.

What people are saying about MindTuner

When my friend gave me a MindTuner to help me with my stress levels, I’m not going to Lie, I thought it was just a pretty necklace, I didn’t actually think it would do anything.  But I was wrong.  I started doing some of my own research and discovered its true – mindful breathing is good for us.  I have been using the MindTuner regularly for 2 months now and have seen improvements in my mood, it helps keep me calmer and makes me less reactive, especially with my kids.

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Sama Porter

The MindTuner has brought back my zest of life!   Just knowing it’s with me 24/7  helps me feel calmer and more grounded.  I have suffered with the angst of stress and overwhelm for a long time now; I’ve tried lots of different things to help but by far the best thing that has helped me during times of crisis is the MindTuner.  I just love feeling it around my neck providing me a constant reminder of the importance of just pausing and breathing.  That alone helps to calm me.

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Thank you Sara.  I would highly recommend the MindTuner to anyone feeling stressed or anxious.

Vanessa Gilbert

Learning how to breathe for Calm has been the best medicine I have found to relive my stress.   I’m a stressed-out Accountant feeling the effects of burnout.  Just the simple technique of extending the exhale with the MindTuner has changed my life.  After 5 min I feel so much more centred and focused ready to take on whatever comes next.   I’m going to buy one for each of my staff to help keep them calm so they can focus more.  It’s a win win.

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Oliver Steiner

OMG my Mum gave me a MindTuner to help me get through Exams.  I love it.  I usually suffer from anxiety especially around exam time.  By learning how to simply turn on my relaxation response has been a game changer for me.  It has helped me manage my anxiety and panic attacks.   As soon as I feel a bit edgy, I hold my MindTuner, and Breath.  I instantly feel myself calm down.  It’s great. I feel amazing afterwards. Can’t recommend MindTuner enough.

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Jayde Little


  • What is MindTuner?

    MindTuner is an all-Natural Breathing and Meditation tool that helps you become more Mindful and less Anxious. It supports your wellness journey by inspiring and reminding you to consciously breathe. It syncs your mind and body for CALM by shifting your nervous system into rest and digest rather than flight or fight phase.

  • What are the benefits of using it?

    MindTuner quickly and discreetly helps you switch on your Parasympathetic Nervous System to help you:

    • Decrease stress, anxiety, and panic attacks
    • Lower blood pressure and heart rate
    • Improve your immunity
    • Decreases inflammation
    • Relax and Balance your mind and body
    • Be more present for yourself and those you love
    • Be happier and healthier
    • Sleep better
    • Lose weight & detox
    • Sharpen focus & Increase energy
    • Be more mindful
    • Navigate stressful times and develop resilience
    • Relief pain
    • Increased lung function
    • Reduce addictions, especially cigarette cravings
    • Reduce irritability
    • Reduce burnout
  • How do I use it?

    I recommend using the MindTuner as often as you can. However, practicing the following conscious breathing routine for Just 5mins daily will radically decrease your stress levels and improve your mental and physical health.

    Make Wellness a Daily Habit

    • Sit upright and get comfy – soften you mind, body and belly.
    • Relax and release tension in your neck shoulders and jaw.
    • Resting one hand on your heart and the other on your belly.
    • With your mouth closed, inhale a deep breath through your nose, relax and feel your belly rise.
    • Pause for a moment.
    • Soften your lips around your MindTuner and gently, gently exhale (not forcing the breath) for a count of 10, or what is comfortable for you, remembering we are aiming to lengthen the exhale.
    • Repeat for as long it feels good, we recommend a minimum of 13 round this is just over 5 mins.

    You have just synced your mind and body for CALM allowing space for your rest and digest system to activate. Use your breath as an anchor to the present moment. Try to focus all your attention on your breath letting go of thoughts.

  • Can anyone use the MindTuner?

    The MindTuner is a Universal Breathing and Meditation Tool made for anyone of any age and background.
    Mums, Dads, Pre and Post Natal, Executives, Students, Toddlers (to learn how to self soothe and calm), Athletes, Yoga students, Meditation students, basically anyone wanting to live a more mindful life, improve breathing and focus and decrease Anxiety, Stress, Panic Attacks, Overwhelm, Burnout and so much more.

  • Why do I need the MindTuner? Can’t I just breathe?

    The simple answer is Yes. Breathing exercises will, for sure, transform your mind and body, but it’s the MindTuner that makes it easy and simple to practice and more importantly remember. Because, as we all know, in the midst of overwhelm it’s easy to forget.

    Mindtuner is not only a beautiful physical reminder of the importance of Pausing, Breathing and just Being but Its Powerful Therapeutic Value comes from its precise Patent Pending design that extends your exhale; the most valuable part of your breathe cycle, why? because extending your exhale switches on your Parasympathetic nervous system. You know that feeling of calm that overcomes you during times of relaxation or meditation the Ahhhh! Moments.

    This is your body going into its rest and digest response (yes! it can also help you lose weight) – lowering your heart rate and blood pressure, triggering the release of all your happy hormones and chemicals… and it’s the feeling you will experience when you use the MindTuner.

  • Care Instructions

    The MindTuner is made from either hypoallergenic 316L Stainless steel. It is extremely hard wearing and durable. It’s made to be worn daily (however I recommend taking it off at night especially children) and comes with a 100% happiness guarantee.
    Simply rinse your MindTuner in hot water and allow to completely dry, then polish with a soft cloth.
    If anything happened to get caught inside the MindTuner just use a toothpick or the like to remove.

  • Do you have an App?

    While technology gives us the opportunity to unite and experience our world in real time, it can also disconnect us from the present. I designed MindTuner as a means to provide space for you to Pause, breath, Smile and refocus. A way to unplug and connect with your loved ones, without having to worrying about wifi connections, battery life or apps.

  • Do you sell gift cards?

    Yes! Giftcards are a great way to give the gift of Wellness. Head over here to pop some wellness in your Cart! What could be a better gift?

  • Who helped you develop MindTuner?

    MindTuner was lovingly developed by Myself, my students, my colleagues, and psychologists. A revolution in natural stress relief, the MindTuner combines real world experience, ancient Yoga wisdom and scientifically sound advice to help you live life better.