Hi Friends!
I’m Sara..

A Wellness Advocate, Yoga, Meditation, Health and Breath coach, and Mum to two beautiful people.
I’m also the Founder of MindTuner.

Welcome to a little bit of my World.

About Me…

I’ve been off and on a Spiritual/Wellness path most of my life. It all started when I was 13 years old.  I was going through a lot of dark stuff, I had just stopped taking medication to “even me out” when eating disorders took control of my life.  To try and help me, my Mum enrolled me into a Yoga class.

From that day on I have turned to Yoga and my Breath for support. They helped me through so many challenges both good and bad.   From the pure joy and love that came with the birth of my beautiful babies to illness, abuse sadness, little to no self-worth, extreme panic attacks and anxiety that crippled me with fear.

It was Yoga and the power of my breath that literally saved me when I made the decision to end my 30 year very stressful marriage.

From that moment on Yoga and Mindful breathing transformed my life.

They gave me back my zest for living.  I learnt how to be my own self-care practitioner.  Using the power of my breath and Mindfulness I empowered myself to heal, to become whole again.  To start living my life from a place of love rather than fear and anxiety.

It was then that I realised I’d been sleep walking through life, living on auto pilot. From the stress of a traumatic relationship and being super busy in my business I found myself totally disconnected from me and my kids. Instead of being present in the here and now I was totally distracted.  I was living in my head, worrying about the future or reliving the past.

Life was passing me by, and I was missing it. Something had to change.


If that wasn’t bad enough the fact that I was so stressed and, in such distress, made me question my true self, I felt like an imposter. The guilt was killing me. How, as a Yoga teacher could I forget to use my superpower – I forgot to use My breath to soothe and calm myself, to balance my mind and body.  Yoga went out the window as I was to stressed to go there.

Hello Happiness!

It was then that I knew what I had to do.  I set out to come up with a way to combine breathing with Mindfulness.

I wanted to design something that would not only calm you down but also build resilience to stress,  a self-soothing tool that would help empower you to respond to daily stressors from a place of calm and clarity no matter how chaotic.

I knew through Yoga Pranayama and further research that the calming part of your breath is the exhale.  So after much experimenting with straws and other creations the MindTuner was born.  Finally I had tool that not only extends and slows your exhale but much more important, a beautiful piece of jewellery that quickly brings you into the present moment and reminds you to Pause, Breath, Smile and Reset.

But that’s not all. I also created helpful resources to support and help you along your Wellness Journey.  All complementary when your invest in your Health and Wellbeing with a MindTuner.


It’s a Win Win!

When you purchase a MindTuner you also join our family – our movement for peace.

I love sharing wellness lessons and tips, tricks and hacks in videos and social media posts. You can also find me going live on Facebook and on Instagram.

I make Yoga, meditation and Mindful breathing easy!

I make Meditation, Mindful breathing and Yoga accessible and easy by creating practices that are simple to follow and don’t require much time.  And best of all make you feel amazing.

My vision is to share the benefits of Yoga, meditation and breath work with everyone. Yoga and Meditation are my go to for peace, sanity and wellbeing. But you don’t have to be an expert or have practiced them for years to reap their benefits.  Just start where you are now.

I know what it’s like, you put something off then regret not having started it a year ago.  Just ask your self the question: What would your future self tell you to do. Start healing now! Life’s to short to be stressed and living on auto pilot.

I’m so happy you’re here.

I hope The MindTuner, my Wellness programs and other resources help you become the Clear, Calm, Connected, Confident and of course the happiest person you deserve to be.

My heartfelt wish is for you to live your best life. A full, healthy, happy life, feeling totally alive in each moment, taking the time to appreciate and be grateful for each one of them.

You are your own self care practitioner and MindTuner is your prescription.

Wishing you wellness  – Sara xx…

PS. If you happen to live on the Gold Coast in Australia please say hello and join me  in on one of my classes

When my friend gave me a MindTuner to help me with my stress levels, I’m not going to Lie, I thought it was just a pretty necklace, I didn’t actually think it would do anything.  But I was wrong.  I started doing some of my own research and discovered its true – mindful breathing is good for us.  I have been using the MindTuner regularly for 2 months now and have seen improvements in my mood, it helps keep me calmer and makes me less reactive, especially with my kids.

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Sama Porter

The MindTuner has brought back my zest of life!   Just knowing it’s with me 24/7  helps me feel calmer and more grounded.  I have suffered with the angst of stress and overwhelm for a long time now; I’ve tried lots of different things to help but by far the best thing that has helped me during times of crisis is the MindTuner.  I just love feeling it around my neck providing me a constant reminder of the importance of just pausing and breathing.  That alone helps to calm me.

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Thank you Sara.  I would highly recommend the MindTuner to anyone feeling stressed or anxious.

Vanessa Gilbert

Learning how to breathe for Calm has been the best medicine I have found to relive my stress.   I’m a stressed-out Accountant feeling the effects of burnout.  Just the simple technique of extending the exhale with the MindTuner has changed my life.  After 5 min I feel so much more centred and focused ready to take on whatever comes next.   I’m going to buy one for each of my staff to help keep them calm so they can focus more.  It’s a win win.

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Oliver Steiner

OMG my Mum gave me a MindTuner to help me get through Exams.  I love it.  I usually suffer from anxiety especially around exam time.  By learning how to simply turn on my relaxation response has been a game changer for me.  It has helped me manage my anxiety and panic attacks.   As soon as I feel a bit edgy, I hold my MindTuner, and Breath.  I instantly feel myself calm down.  It’s great. I feel amazing afterwards. Can’t recommend MindTuner enough.

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Jayde Little